Helped Us Buy Our Dream Home!

We worked with Debra Boyle, and she helped us buy our dream home! Throughout the process, Debra was patient, supportive and responsive. We could tell she really cared about finding the perfect house for us and she wasn't pushy at all. As first-time homebuyers, we had a lot of questions and Debra took the time to walk us through everything. She responded promptly to all forms of communication and was very thorough with all the paperwork. Thank you, Debra! — C. Finney

A Tremendous Asset!

Debra handled the sale of our property like a PRO. She was a tremendous asset to us, and I would highly recommend her. If you work with Debra, you can rest easy that everything would be professionally managed. — R.Tonda

Attention to Detail!

I have known Debra for almost 25 years in both a professional and personal capacity. Our relationship began when I had my own consulting business in the Bay Area and Debra was co-owner of a recruiting agency in San Francisco. We worked very closely when I was hiring for law firms, since her agency was the only one I felt comfortable enough to provide me the qualified individuals for my clients. Debra was very diligent in her search for applicants and always followed up on references and testing before even thinking about sending them to me. She made my job easier by knowing that the people she was sending me had already passed her stringent research and follow-up. Her attention to detail is unmatched, especially when you are looking for the highest quality in your search. Additionally, this was not just a job for her but a commitment to you. — J. Suyat

Honest & Hard Working!

Debra Boyle and I were the founders of Kearney Boyle & Associates, Inc., which became one of the most respected and successful legal staffing agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area during our 23-year partnership and ownership tenure. Without hesitation, I can say that Debra has an innate sales personality, which was very important in our business. She also possesses the ability to judge situations and counsel people, directing them to make the right decisions. She is very honest and hard working, and could be relied upon to use her high energy and good counsel to the best interest of her clients. — Carol Kearney

Really Listens!

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Debra Boyle for over 20 years — she was my go-to person as a headhunter, she was one of the best in the business. Deb’s positive qualities she demonstrated in her previous job will suit her well as a realtor. Deb is one of the most capable people I know. She understands what people need because she listens, and I really think she has an amazing sixth sense for what will work best for someone. Once she figures out who someone is and what their needs are, she springs into action. Deb knows how to make something happen, and gets it done with a sense of urgency that I don’t always see. Deb always had knowledge of what’s happening in the market, long before she went into real estate. Twenty years ago she urged me to purchase a home in East Palo Alto, despite the fact that it seemed on the surface to be a somewhat risky investment. Thankfully I listened to Deb’s wise advice, purchased a home in University Square in East Palo Alto, now my home is worth $1 million more than what I purchased it for 18 years ago. I’m so thankful I followed her direction! I am certain that anyone who works with Deb will have someone who listens and cares, and who will then make it happen, with fantastic results! — Amy Duxbury